Saturday, November 1, 2008


The "Little Stinker" Elijah and Me

The roundness of the 8-ball-hard to capture on film

7 months prego Halloween costume- An 8-ball

Oh third trimester...I can't believe we are already here! My belly has been growing like crazy! Morning sickness has also decided to show it's ugly head again. It is NOTHING like I had in the first trimester, but still not fun. Other than that I am feeling pretty good! We weren't able to do much for Halloween because of being on bed rest, but we still entertained ourselves. We just ordered some pizza and handed out candy to all the adorable kiddos! We don't get many kids at our house, so we went to Gabe's parents. My favorite trick or treater was my God son Elijah! He was a skunk..."little stinker!" He was the cutest skunk ever! I dressed up as ab 8-ball. It was hard to capture in any pictures, but the 8 on my tummy was really round. It was comfy and I still felt like I was in the Halloween spirit, so it worked. :) Here are a few pictures!

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Baby Vollmer said...

How exciting you are almost done!! I wish i was there!! And cute idea for your costume by the way! Still on bed rest....bummer!! But whatever it takes!!