Monday, October 27, 2008


All my nieces and nephews (bribed w/cheese!)

Opening Gifts

Mom and Me

We had our first baby shower this weekend. It was nice to be off of my couch for the first time in five weeks and onto my parents couch. I want to thank my sisters and my mom for throwing such an amazing shower! I also want to thank everyone who made it to the shower! It meant so much to me and Gabe that everyone could be there. We announced the sex of the baby for the first time to those who were in attendance. The rest of you will still have to wait. :) Our last shower is December 6th. After that shower we will announce the sex to everyone else. It has been so fun for Gabe and I to have our little secret for a few months. Baby Buresh got some great gifts at the shower and I will definitely have fun playing with them for the next few weeks until the baby gets here! We got an exersaucer which daddy has already successfully assembled even though we won't be using it for several months! It made the whole experience very real. On our car ride home Gabe and I just looked at the gifts and then looked at each other thinking...this is really happening!!! We are both getting very anxious and excited! Baby B and I have a doctor appointment this afternoon. We will find out how much bed rest has been helping. The contractions seemed to have slowed significantly in the past week and a half, so I am hoping for a good report. Aunt Emily is going to come to the appointment today too! We are excited to share the experience with her! I will update after the appointment. For the mean time, I have added some pictures from the wonderful shower. I also want to thank my 3 1/2 year old niece Kierra for doing my hair for the was beautiful! Thanks again for all the love and support we got. We love you all!

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Nicole said...

You can't do that...I am too curious about the baby's gender!!!!

Oh, and I LOVE that the kiddos could be bribed by favorite! :)