Monday, November 10, 2008


Almost 30 weeks

I decided it was time for some updated belly pictures! The baby is definitely making use of my entire belly these days! I can feel him/her under my ribs a lot of the time. My skin feels like it can't possibly stretch any bigger, but I know it will continue to grow and grow over the next 10 weeks! I have started to feel a little sluggish again, but overall I am still feeling great. I have a doctor appointment on Thursday. I am anxious to see what she has to say about the size of Baby B and the effectiveness of bed rest. I had a moment of reality setting in last night when i realized we have just over 9 weeks until the baby arrives. I was suddenly thinking about all the things that need done before Baby B enters the world... Perhaps I should remind myself that if all goes as planned, I still have over 2 months to accomplish everything :) Daddy (Gabe) is also starting to get very anxious! From this point on the baby will be gaining 1/2 pound a week! Grow baby Grow!


Jaimee from Cali said...

You look soooo good. You are so cute pregnant it is almost :-) I cannot wait to see pics of the baby. I am getting my baby fix from you...I have been feeling thee baby fever a little bit again, but I don't know about 3!!! Keep up the good work growing that little one. Tell Gabe we said hi too. Take care.

Anonymous said...
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