Sunday, November 23, 2008

BABY SHOWER-31 weeks!

Me & Krystal

Me trying to explain that my belly "is not THAT big..." during
the guess the size of mom's belly game

My sister Emily and Me

Gabe giving his best belly shot!

The love of my life Gabe!

Me and my old roommate Emily!

Gabe insisted we show the frontal view of how big the belly actually is!

31 weeks

We had a baby shower on Saturday. It was SOOO much fun for me to see all of our friends! I had a had a great time and I am pretty sure Baby B did too because the baby didn't stop wiggling the whole day or night! We announced the sex of the baby to our anxious friends! We have one more baby shower to go until we can post the sex of the baby for everyone to see! I actually slipped up at the shower and used a gender specific word so i let the cat out of the bag a few minutes before I had planned! OPPS! We got some great stuff! It seems like everything is getting more and more real with each shower! Gabe and I just sat down after the shower last night and it seemed like it hit us both at the same time that we are going to have a child in 8-9 weeks. What a wonderful blessing! we really want to thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts that attended the shower. It meant more to us than you know to be surrounded by friends! I really want to thank the girls who helped with food and my sister for throwing the shower. It was a blast! After the shower everyone hung around and we played some cards and had some laughs... apparently the assembly of a diaper genie looks easier than it really is! HA! I posted a bunch of pictures from the shower! I also had to post Gabe's impersonation of my belly pics. So cute! Thanks again! Love you all!


The Heusinkvelts said...

You are so cute! We are so excited for you and your family! It won't be too much longer now. Seems like the last weeks take FOREVER!

Nicole said...

You look so great. I love all of the updated pictures!!