Tuesday, December 2, 2008


There must be something in the water these days! I started bed rest without any of my friends pregnant. I now have 6 friends expecting!!! I am so excited for everyone! I am excited that baby b will have lots of little playmates running around too! Congrats to everyone!

Kren S. due beginning of June
Tara L. due beginning June (I think boy!)
Jen H. due end of April (Girl)
Lacy S. due middle of May (I think girl..but we'll see!)
Dani H. due beginning of June
Jill B. due the end of June (I think boy, but we'll see!)

It is going to be a FUN coupe of months! I just wanted to warn those of you not looking for a baby to steer clear of the water :)

As for me, I am approaching the 33 weeks mark! I am still feeling great for the most part aside from a little morning sickness every now and then. I also, of course, get lots of kicks in odd places as Baby B is taking up more room. I am hoping I get to go back to work on Dec 11th! Keep your fingers crossed for me! I will hopefully finish up my degree in Human Relations in the next few weeks, then I can really focus on getting everything ready for the baby! We will announce the sex publicly after the last shower on Sunday! I can't wait to be able to say he or she! We are keeping the name a secret until Gabe comes out of the delivery room and announces it despite my sisters best efforts to lure it out of me! I am getting really excited to see what the next few weeks will bring. I never thought I would be so anxious for January!

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Baby Vollmer said...

Holy cow!!! There are 6 of us that you know, thats crazy!! And you are almost done...yay...for you!! Have you guys had an ultrasound yet to see who he/she looks more like?? Our doctor told us we would be able to tell around 32 weeks!! So exciting now!!!