Saturday, December 13, 2008


Dana & Me (34 weeks) @ The Yelkin's Party

My sister Emma & Me @ Yelkins

Opening Gifts with Mom, Pat & Gabe watching intently :)

The GINOURMOUS cake! It was amazing!

My mother-in-law Pat & Me (33 weeks)

Gabe & Me

Carving pumpkins for Halloween (26 weeks)

I finally have a few pictures to upload from the shower last weekend! Very exciting stuff! I also added a few pictures from a Christmas Party this weekend and one from carving pumpkins around Halloween time. (We carve pumpkins every year. it is a big tradition with Gabe and I.) Gabe's work party was this weekend. We are so grateful for the wonderful party they put on every year. We are also incredible thankful for Gabe to have such a secure job the way the economy is right now! Thanks Glass Edge and Dave (Gabe's boss) The party was a hoot as always! After the work party was over we stopped by our friends, the Yelkin's annual Christmas party! We got there pretty late, but it was still great to see everyone! I also completed me first 1/2 day back at work on Friday. I was like a kid on the first day of school! I was so excited just to be there and to be interacting with people again! I am really looking forward to the next few weeks of working again before Baby B makes his arrival!

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