Monday, December 29, 2008


One of the maternity photos taken by Jasmin Roth

Another one by Jasmin Roth

A few of the girls! (35 weeks prego)

Sam's Parents

"Fink Girls" (Karen, Michelle, Emily, Sam)

Sam & Gabe

Well, I had my 37 week appointment today. My strep B test from last week came back positive so I will have to be treated with antibiotics during labor. No big deal. 30%-40% of pregnant women are carriers of Strep B. I measured right at 37 weeks and the heart rate was 137. baby B is looking very healthy. We couldn't get a good face picture because he is still sticking his hands in front of his face. We discussed induction. Dr. Hier-Duffin will check me at 38 weeks and will induce at 39. We haven't set a day yet, but either way we have about 3 weeks left until we get to meet baby B! I am getting anxious to meet him! We got the car seat installed. I really need to pack my bags just in case, but can't seem to surrender my favorite sweatpants to a suitcase just yet :) We are all ready as soon as he is ready to join us. For Christmas we got a pack and play from G-ma and G-pa Fink so we have that set up as well as the bassinet set up ready to use! I have my next appointment next Monday afternoon.

We had a great Christmas! We were able to see everyone even though we couldn't travel. Gabe's mom had Christmas in town at her house since we couldn't make it to Norfolk this year. I uploaded a few pictures. I added a picture of my parents just because it is impossible to ever get a good picture of them and I finally accomplished it ;)

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