Sunday, September 7, 2008


Gabe and I were able to hang out with my godparents this weekend! They were incredibly generous and gave us tickets to go to the Husker home game with them! It was Baby B's first football game! He/She loved every second of it! The baby did however discover mommy's sciatic nerve on Saturday during the game. The baby seems to love laying right on it and shooting pains down my leg. I guess the baby was just trying to express his/her excitement about the Husker victory and wanted to make sure I was paying attention! :) We are both doing great though and can't wait for the ultrasound this Thursday! I also attended a bridal shower for my good friend Gina! What a HOOT! I added a picture of Gina impersonating what I will look like at her wedding reception. The reception in January 17th, just a few days before my due date! Overall we had a very fun and exciting weekend! Daddy is doing great and taking pride in the expansion of my belly over the past few weeks!

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Nicole said...

I LOVE this picture of you and your friend. You are incredibly adorable with your very round belly!! Pregnancy is such an amazing experience!