Thursday, September 11, 2008

21 WEEKS!!!

We had our 21 week doctor appointment today. Baby Buresh is measuring a week ahead! He/She is a BIG baby! It is already weighing 1 pound and measuring at 22 weeks. My new estimated due date is Jan 16th, but because it is within a week we will keep that same date of Jan 23rd. The babies heartbeat was at 130, but since mommies resting heart rate is 55 I guess that shouldn't surprise me! grandpa Fink came to the appointment with us this time. I think he had a good time, but with boys you can never tell. The baby appears to have mommies hands. We got so many good shots this week, but I am just uploading a few of my favorites! We had a hard time confirming the sex again because the babies parts were hidden under my belly button. We had to wiggle the baby around a little to get any good shots. The doctor is pretty convinced of the sex this week though, so I guess it is time to shop! We will be announcing the sex at the first baby shower, I can hardly wait! Daddy was impressed by Baby B's growth over the past 4 weeks. He was pretty proud of the babies spine, nose and hands! SO CUTE! I can't wait to hold and kiss them!

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The Heusinkvelt's said...

Such cool pictures! Congrats on the baby!