Wednesday, September 3, 2008


We are finally halfway to meeting baby Buresh. The past few weeks have been filled with exciting moments and stress. I began my senior seminar for school which is my senior thesis project. It is the last major hurdle before completing my degree in December. We have also had some name drama. We had a name picked out, but are now in the process of changing the name! Mommy and Daddy have very different tastes! Opposites attract right?? I have felt a few flutters, but no big movements from baby Buresh. As week 20 begins I am really looking forward to feeling the baby move around. I have been playing some music for the baby during my walks. When I get a song I really like on my ipod I hold the headphones up to my belly to share the song with the baby! He/She is loving Marvin Gaye and Frank Sinatra just like Mommy!! (At least that is what I tell myself!) I also took a 19 week 5 day picture. My belly has grown so much in the past few weeks! We have a doctor appointment next Thursday and we are hoping to get 100% confirmation on the sex! We do believe we know the sex, but I want the doctor to say she is 100% (or as 100% as she can be from an ultrasound!) As most of you know we aren't sharing the sex of the baby until the first baby shower. We won't be revealing a name until baby Buresh is born. :)

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