Thursday, September 18, 2008

BABY's not time yet!!!

Well, last night I started to have some cramping in my back and abdomen. I was a little worried so I called the doctor. She advised that I go get checked out at labor and delivery, but I thought perhaps I just overdid it so I asked if I could just try the couch for a little while. The cramps seemed to calm down through the night. Then today at work I went for a walk during lunch and the cramping resumed. I called the doctor and made a quick appointment to see her. She checked and my cervix is still closed and Baby B is doing great, just anxious to meet the world! I was having some contractions. The doctor is putting me on some medicine to stop the contractions and a week of bed rest. I am also starting some antibiotics just in case the contractions are being caused from a bladder or kidney infection. So everything looks like it will be ok, but Baby B is making mommy take it easy for a while.

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