Saturday, March 21, 2009

Two Months Old...

iRogan in Raiders gear...AGAIN! DADDY!!!

Rogan showing off his St. Patty's Day shirt!

Rogan and Uncle Matt

Rogan's New Outfit!

Mommy's morning smiles!

Bath Time! He is sure getting chunky :)

This week has been a very eventful one! Rogan got to meet his Uncle Matt (Gabe's youngest brother). They had a great time together! Roe also got to celebrate his very first St. Patty's Day! Rogan is an Irish name so it was a pretty exciting day for him! Last Friday Rogan's had a few photo shoots! Mommy felt it was necessary to buy him a new "golfer's" outfit for the occasion. He was in Dr. Hier-Duffin's advertisement, then we decided to go get pictures at Walmart. I called my sister Emily to see if it would be possible to get Elijah and Rogan's pictures taken together. When I called her she was already at Walmart about to get Elijah's pictures taken!?! What are the chances? So we got the boys picture taken together. It will be a great memory for them down the road! I also finished a video for Rogan. It has all my belly pictures, all the video from the hospital including Rogan being born, then pictures of his first few days of life. It is a priceless memory for our family! I can't believe Rogan is already 2 months old. While making the video I just kept looking at him thinking about how grown up he is already!

This week was also a very sad week for Mommy. I had to return to work. We are blessed to have a wonderful daycare provider. Mary Beth Lutz, having her made the transition a little easier, but it was a tearful, difficult week. We survived...Barely :) It was the most difficult thing I have ever done to send my little baby to daycare, but he seemed to enjoy watching the other kids. Apparently he enjoyed it too much, because he didn't take a nap for the first 3 days! He also started not sleeping at night. I think the transition took a toll on him too! He is making up for it today with lots of naps! The thing I miss the most is what I call my morning smiles. Every morning when we get up Rogan grins ear to ear, I added a picture of one of them. Some mornings he really gets going and starts laughing out loud. Soooo sweet! Spending time away from Rogan just makes me realize how blessed I am when I do get to spend time with him and Daddy. God has blessed me with the truly wonderful gift of my family.


Seth, Emily, & Elijah Gutz said...

So Handsome!!

Baby Vollmer said...

Awww....he is so darn adorable, its crazy how fast they grow up!! How much does he weigh now?? I was wondering how long there cute little clothes is actually going to fit??

sburesh said...

He is about 12 1/2 pounds I think. We will see tomorrow at his 2 month check up! He is wearing all of his 0-3 month clothes. The newborn stuff gets outgrown FAST!