Sunday, March 1, 2009

G-Gma Fink and Daddy's Favorite Outfit!

5 weeks


Mommy & Rogan

Great G-ma Fink & Rogan

Family Picture :)


Rogan & Daddy

This has been an exciting week! Rogan slept last night from 9pm-4am! IT WAS AMAZING! Of course mommy is so used to getting up ever few hours That I was up at 2am, 3am and 4am. But still it was a restful night! We visited Great G-ma Fink in Hebron on Thursday. It was a great trip and she was sure glad to meet Rogan! I also had to share a few pictures of Rogan in his fathers favorite outfit..NOT MOMMY APPROVED! Everyone who knows me knows I am an AVID Steelers fan, but the outfit is just too cute not to share. (He has a Steelers one that will fit during football season! YEAH!) Rogan's hair is starting to grow back in where he lost it so hopefully he won't have the "old man hair" much longer! I also wanted to throw a picture in of the difference 4 weeks can make. See "Handsome" shirt! Same shirt...different pants.


Jared, Julie & Reef Rohrs said...

Wow he's filled out, hasn't he? What a cutie! Gotta love the "old man" hair. Eventually it will even out and you won't even remember, besides in pictures what crazy hair they had!

Seth, Emily, & Elijah Gutz said...

You can tell how much longer he's gotten by wear his head lands in the bouncer--wowzers! I'm going to have to run in quick and see him when I stop by after work. See you in a bit!