Wednesday, March 11, 2009

4 generations

One of Rogan's many expressive faces!

Mommy getting in some cuddle time- He is SUCH a snuggler

Close up!

Rogan laughing out loud! So fun!!!

Gabe, Steve, Ernie, Rogan-4 genereations of Buresh's!

This weekend has been an exciting one for Rogan! He FINALLY got to meet his uncle Matt (Gabe's little brother!) Matt and Roe are buddies already! On Sunday we made the trip to visit Great G-ma & G-pa Buresh! It was a long trip and we have been paying for it with a few tough days and nights, but it was well worth it. They were so excited to meet Rogan!Rogan hasn't been feeling very well. I can't figure out exactly what is causing the problem, but I am going off dairy for a while to see if that makes a difference. Poor Rogan has been screaming if he is awake. However this morning it seems we had a breakthrough and I am getting my happy baby back. I had him actually laughing out loud! It was such a treat! I wish I could have caught it on video, but I didn't want to stop to get the camera; I was having too much fun! I am going back to work Monday and already heartbroken over leaving Rogan, but I've got to do it. :( Here are a few pictures of our week so far! Rogan's baby acne has cleared up and his hair is coming back in! He is all ready for his big photo shoot for Dr/ Hier-Duffin's office advertisement on Friday!

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Timothy and Allison Peet said...

What a handsome little man!! Hope all is well!