Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Two Month Check-Up....And SHOTS!

Blue eyed boy!

Just hanging out

Rogan giving mommy some smiles!

Today was Rogan's two month check up! He weight 13 lbs and is 24 3/4 inches long! Such a big boy! Dr. Koch said he thinks he will be about 6'2", but of course that is just an educated guess.Rogan is 82th percentile for weight and 95th percentile for height! He got his shots today and he took the like a champ! We were waiting in the office for his shots for what seemed like forever after the doctor had been in. About 30-45 minutes later the Dr came back in and asked if we were ok. I said we were still waiting for the shots. he was IRATE! Apparently the nurse had left for lunch and forgotten about us! OPPS! I have never seen Dr. Koch so mad! He just kept apologizing. I think it really worked out to our advantage because I had given Rogan some Tylenol after the dr gave me dosing instructions, so it had about 45 minutes to start working before he had his shots! :) We got the shots and got Roe settled down and headed on our way. he has been naping for about 2 hours now since we left. It must have worn him out! I think the shots were harder for me than for him! After we got home we received a phone call from the Dr.'s office. It was the nurse calling to apologize. I have a feeling Dr. Koch had a little meeting with her. I have to assume that won't be happening again. HA! Poor girl! All in all the visit went well and Rogan is doing great and growing like a weed! I added a few picture I took this morning before we headed off to the doctor's office.

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Seth, Emily, & Elijah Gutz said...

Love these pictures. Love the outfit too!!!!