Monday, January 26, 2009

Rogan Update!

Kisses from Mommy

5 days old

Kisses for momma!

Fink girls and their boys

Elijah "holding" Rogan

Rogan 3 days old

Freezing baby! 3 days

Rogan's first bath at home-3 days old

Rogan & Daddy getting some "Daddy time"

Rogan and his godmother Emily

G-ma Fink and G-ma Buresh with Rogan at 1 hr old

Proud Papa holding his son for the first time!

Ok, so it has taken a few days for things to settle down enough for me to be able to get the blog updated! We were released from the hospital Friday. Rogan's weight was down over 10% so we had to get checked on Saturday morning. The Dr. said he was looking a little jaundice when we were there. She said it wasn't bad, but we just needed to watch it. By Saturday evening we were in the emergency Room....A LITTLE SCARY!!! His number was at 11.7, we would need to consider lights at 12. Luckily, however, my milk came in Saturday morning so now he is gaining weight and looking much better according to his pediatrician this morning. We hopefully won't need to go back for another 3 weeks :) The first two night home were a little rough. My sweet little son decided night time was daytime. He was up from 12am until 7am without a single minute of sleep. Last night we switched from his basinette to the pack and play and had much better luck! He slept from 10-12:30 and 2:30-7 only getting up to eat! WHOOOOA!!!! Gotta love that! Hopefully he wil do the same tonight, although I am not holding my breath. Daddy went back to work today and is playing with him now. I think they really missed each other! That is about all for now. We are just loving every second of our new son, even the trying moments are wonderful because we know they will go all too fast. I have uploaded a few pictures from the other day. I will try to have a fun Rogan photo session tomorrow if he is cooperative and get some fun photos uploaded :) I am sure he will love every second of his crazy mothers antics!


Nicole said...

Sam...your son is absolutely adorable!!! I LOVE all of the pictures, so you'll definitely have to keep them coming. I can tell that you LOVE being a mommy...even if you don't get much sleep! Motherhood is SUCH a special gift...I can't wait!

Timothy and Allison Peet said...

Rogan is ADORABLE! I see both of you in him though already! The all nighters are very rough, but are over before you know it! Congrats to you both - he's such a sweetie!