Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I think he woke up more handsome today!

6 days old

6 days old

Rogan 6 days old

Daddy and Rogan

5 days old

It is AMAZING how much more I can fall in love with my son everyday! I was playing with him this morning and decided I think he got even more handsome over night. Obviously I am very biased :) We are working really hard at getting Rogan into a routine. nap time at 10 and 2 and trying to get him to recognize days and nights. Wish us luck! Last night was a little scary for me. I woke up around midnight with chills so bad I couldn't hold Rogan. I think it is probably just my hormones adjusting, but it sure scared me. I continued to have chills and night sweats through the night, but and feeling much better this morning! My mom said she might have the flu so hopefully it is just my body adjusting and not something more. Here are a few new pictures from last night and this morning. Rogan was cooperative for his naked photos! He was awake , not crying and not going potty on me! GOOD WORK!


Anonymous said...

He looks so much older and fuller already. It's amazing how much they change day by day!
Aunt emma

Timothy and Allison Peet said...

Hi Sam, I'm sorry about the name mix up - our friends named their baby Rohan Alexander - pretty similar to your's. Please excuse my "mommy brain"!! I changed it on our blog. Hope mommyhood is going ok!!