Wednesday, October 1, 2008


We are finally to the 6 month mark! Here is a picture from a few days ago. It is amazing how big of a difference a few days can make on my ever growing belly! I am trying to survive bed rest. Gabe has been so great so far making sure I am always taken care of. Between him and my mom I am surrounded by the Bed Rest Nazi's! This is probably a good thing, because as hard as I try, it is a challenge to stay down. I am so grateful for my great family and friends who have volunteered to keep me company, cook a few meals and help with household chores. I could never get through this without you! The hardest part of bed rest thus far is just getting lonely at home all day by myself. So visitors are ALWAYS welcome! So far we are getting along great and bed rest seems to be doing it's job! Hopefully we can keep baby Buresh cooking for at least 8 more weeks! Thanks for all your support and prayers during this time!


Nicole said...

You are so CUTE!!! It is amazing what a difference a few days make with the belly!

Krissy said...

You are so damn cute as a preggo lady! prayers are with you gabe and baby b, love you!

Anonymous said...

Hello Sam,

Hope you and "G" and lil b are all doing well. Things here at work are crazy without ya. Hope you are getting better and treating MR B like a king

Take care