Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day & the Swing set!

WEEEE We are going high momma!!

1st Time in the new swing. Thanks g-ma & g-pa Fink!!!

Well...were you this cute??? :)

G-ma & G-pa Fink and Rogan 5 months

Jill & Marley Rae 1 day old!
Daddy & Roe cheering on the horses

Momma & Roe

Rogan's new anklet?!? Not sure how he managed this???

We have had a fun filled weekend. We went to the horse races Friday night, we went to Aunt Emily & Uncle Seth's for a BBQ on Saturday and today we hung out with dad then headed to Crete to see Grandpa & Grandma Fink. We also got to visit Rogan's future wife (lol) Marley Rae Behrends after she was born late Friday night! Congrats to Jill & Cody!!! After all was said and done we decided to assemble the swing set and try out Rogan's baby swing! WHOA! So much excitement! Rogan made daddy chocolate chip pankcake for breakfast and put them on the plate in the shape of a "D" for Daddy and served him breakfast in bed! Daddy was quite impressed with his 5 month olds cooking abilities! :) Here are some pictures from our events this weekend! I also included a picture of Rogan with his ring on his ankle. I am not sure how he managed it, but he got his ring on his foot. I couldn't help but take a picture, TOO CUTE!

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