Sunday, June 14, 2009

Family Reunion

Holding on to his links even fast asleep!

My cousins. LOVE THEM!

Rogan & Momma


Rogan & Elijah-Also goofballs! Hmm...wonder where they get it? :)

We had the Fink family reunion this weekend at Lovewell Lake. What a blast! We went down Friday right after work and came back late Saturday night. Rogan was loving every minute of it. He is our little outdoorsman. No matter how unhappy he is, just take him outside and his day brightens right up! He loved the leaves! he thought when they would move the were moving just for him! I forgot my photo card at home so I couldn't get too many pictures, but here are a few to share from our weekend! Gabe and I are convinced we need to get a little camper now! :) The picture of Rogan in his car seal was cracking us up! He was exhausted from being outside all weekend and fell fast asleep, but he still maintained the death grip on his links! He held them all the way home! Too funny!

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Nicole said...

Ella has a "bug" toy on her carseat, and she ALWAYS falls asleep holding on for dear life just like Rogan and his links. Too funny!