Thursday, June 11, 2009

4 month check and stuff...

Rogan, me & Jill at her baby shower :)

Rogan's baby pool!

New jammies!

I interrupted his playing!

Daddy helping Rogan in his pool!

OK, OK. Sorry about the month long delay in blogging! I like to think that I have been just enjoying Rogan and Gabe rather than on the computer, but the truth is we have just been SUPER busy :) (Although I have been enjoying any free seconds we can get!) Rogan had his 4 month well check. He had a fever of 103 that morning so I ended up having to stay home with him. The did end up giving him his shots that afternoon, but it was a rough couple of days. Then Roe decided he was not going to sleep through the night after his traumatic experience..lucky me! We are finally now getting back into a good night routine..I HOPE! he weight 16.9 lbs (85th percentile) was 27 1/2" long (97th percentile) and his head was somewhere is the 50th yes, he is a BIG BOY! They are now estimating him to be 6'4" plus when he grows up. hard to believe that some day my baby boy will tower over me! We started getting pretty serious with the cereal and Rogan Lives for it! he gets so excited when I put him in his high chair, he knows what is coming and gets giddy!!!

We had Jasmin with The White Acorn take pictures of Rogan. She lives in Florida but is back for the summer. We are so lucky to have her take these pictures! Please take a look at her work then enter proofing and enter password sambur. She is AMAZING! I was pretty exhausted from puttin gmy party pants on at my very good friends wedding the night before so they are mostly of Roe and daddy. TOO CUTE!

Aside from that we are getting by and trying to slow time down as much as we can. Rogan is really become so aware of his surroundings and is TON of fun!

I am still selling Avon and actually love the product ,so in my "spare time" (HA!) I am doing that! If there is anything you want samples of let me know! I have also started working with a new wish kid for Make-A-Wish...he is a real treat! Only 4 and as sweet as they come!

I have added some new pictures, but be sure to check out the new ones jasmin took as well. Hope this finds you all well!

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