Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Rogan 15 weeks...

The reason I love my husband...such a goofball!

Rogan's Cow outfit! It has a tail on his behind!

Just too funny not to add...this really happened...

This too really happened...a boy after his daddy's heart!

Rogan's 1st swimming adventure, the water was a bit too cold straight from the hose, but eventually it will warm up and we will try round 2!

Rogan showing his animal some love!
Rogan 15 weeks

Momma & Roe enjoying the weather

I can't believe how fast my baby is growing. I LOVE to watch him learn and grow, but I hate to think about how fast the time is going. Like the songs say..."It won't be like this for long..." Rogan is really starting to grab onto things (ex:his toys, my hair, whatever is close!) I just added a few new pictures. Rogan LOVES to watch TV. We try not to let him, but he takes after his father in that department. One night he was playing with the remote and GAZING at the TV...too funny! I also could resist sneaking up on Gabe while he was laying in the hammock trying to teach those pesky blackbirds whose boss...HA!

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