Sunday, May 3, 2009

Half-Marathon and Rogan 14 weeks old!

hmm..I have feet?!?
Daddy & Roe playing


Cranking his head to see the TV... no, no Rogan!

The marathon must have really wore him out! :)

Reading books!

Momma...did you hear that! I made a noise with this thing!

Laughing Hysterically! My favorite!

Rogan 14 weeks & Lyndyn 1 day

Rogan griping his own bottle!

Rogan 14 weeks
What an eventful week! Rogan has slept through the night for four straight nights..I am sure I am jinxing myself by posting this!!! I decided to wait a little while on cereal because as well as he was doing with it, he was having trouble with I figure he must not be quite ready yet. Although this problem never seemed to bother him, it sure made me and Gabe crazy...never thought I would be so excited to see poo! It is funny what motherhood does to a person! Rogan has also started to mimic mommy and daddy. It is too funny when we make a motor boat sounds with our lips, he tried to mimic. He hasn't master it yet..but he figured out if he gurgles spit it kind of makes the same noise! Priceless! Rogan also started to grip his bottle when he is eating from a bottle, of course the one time I noticed it he was drinking Pedialyte...OH WELL! :) He has also become obsessed with the tv! He will crank his head and body anyway physically possible to see the darn thing! I think he has also figured out that his hand are attached to his body! he has started swiping at toys and playing with a few things on his exersaucer. He gets pretty proud of himself when he can make the toyd make noise!

Rogan has a new friend as well! Lacy had a baby girl, Lyndyn J Tran! Congrats to them. We took pictures of the kiddos together. It is amazing how fast babies grow in three months!

Today I completed the Lincoln Half Marathon. Rogan was totally my inspiration for running! I want him to know that he can do anything he sets his mind to, even if that means running a half marathon, with little training, 14 weeks after delivering a baby...(hopefully he never delivers a baby! HA!!) I am pretty sore, but did it! It was great to have Gabe and Rogan cheering me on at the finish line.

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Jared, Julie & Reef Rohrs said...

Sam, I can't believe how CUTE Ro is! It's crazy how quickly they learn to do things, isn't it? Congrats on the 1/2, I hope someday I will be motivated enough just to go running!!! :)