Monday, February 16, 2009


Quilt from Great G-ma Kielty

Mommy & Rogan

Baptism shoes....SO CUTE!

Our little man in his baptism outfit

Mommy, Daddy and Rogan after baptism

Rogan with parents and grandparents

Rogan with his Godparents Seth, Emily, and Krystal

Rogan sleeping through his baptism

Rogan's first exersuacer experience!

Sunday Rogan was baptized! YEAH!!! It was such a wonderful ceremony. We were so glad that our families could make it and help us celebrate. Great Grandma Kielty made Rogan the most beautiful quilt! We will cherish it forever! G-ma Buresh gave Rogan his baptism shoes with his name and birthday on them. Pretty big on his little feet, but so adorable that he wore them anyway :) It was a great day! It is always fun to get to see my sisters kids and see how fast they are growing. It makes me cherish the time with Rogan as I know it will go too fast. I can't believe he is already almost a month old...where has the time gone? The nights seem so long somedays, but in hindsight they haven't lasted long enough. Rogan also tried out his exersaucer for the first time this weekend. He is way too small for it, but he enjoyed relaxing in it and listening to the music as momma pushed the buttons. We spent Valentine's Day with Rogan's Godparents Emily and Seth and his cousin Elijah. It was a great, but exhausting weekend. Rogan had his first fever and both him and Mom have a pretty fierce cold. Hoefully today we can get back on schedule and get some sleep tonight.

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Jared, Julie & Reef Rohrs said...

That's a beautiful baptismal font, where do you guys go to church?