Saturday, December 4, 2010

Wedding, Family Pics, and More...

Elijah, Rogan, and Evangeline on Halloween

Halloween 2010

Rogan and Elijah causing trouble :)

Playing in the leaves with mom

"Helping" daddy pick up the leaves

Me & Jess my new sister in law on her wedding day

Family pic from the wedding


pouting in the corner...

gazing out the window

My favorite pic from the shoot

Been a while since I updated again. We are keeping busy with Rogan. He is learning so much more everyday. Right now everything is thank you mom....sometimes even to daddy :)
Gabes brother Adam got married to Jess in October and Rogan was the ring bearer. He made it down the isle to my relief!!! Rogan was a soldier for Halloween, He picked it out all by himself! It turned out great! We had family pictures taken a few weeks ago that I have added. They were during nap time so clearly Rogan was not in a smiley mood! ha! Gabe has decided to go back to school! He starts at Doane Lincoln in January! I am so proud of him and I know he will love it as much as I did! Not much else is new around here, just loads of family time! Rogan is anxiously awaiting Christmas as I wrap more and more presents under the tree. This year will be so much fun because I think he is really starting to understand whats going on around him so much more. We were in church last Sunday and he pointed to the cross and said "God" and I thought...well...close...that's actually Jesus..but still it was a proud moment for me to know he was starting to get it! :) That's all for now! I willl definitely be updating more often through the holiday season. Hope everyone is warm and safe! Happy Holidays!

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