Monday, September 27, 2010

Summers End

Me and my sisters

Three generations

Rogan and daddy!

Michelle & the girls came home so all the grandkids were together!

Rogan and Gma & Papas

Gabe and I at a friends wedding

Rogans first kiss!

Splashing in summer fun!

Sorry I haven't been updating like I should! We have been going going going all summer long. Rogan is growing up so fast and learning like a sponge! He is a copy cal mcgee! He wants to be just like his mommy and daddy so we are careful on what we do and say these days! I posted a video on you tube of our lil dancer! He is a dancing machine. Everytime music comes on no matter where we are he is dancing. I can't wait for Gabe's brothers wedding this weekend, he will be ready to party! Rogan is the ring bearer. I will post pictures..I promise! :) My sister Michelle and her two girls came home from Oregon so we spent last weekend in Crete with the whole family. It was such a blast! I love having everyone together! Here are a few pics from our summer! Enjoy

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