Friday, March 12, 2010


Rogan Opening his b-day present w/Mom & Dad

Jam session with new guitar on his b-day

Gabe & Sam in Cancun

Buresh's & Stehlik's in Cancun

Buresh's & Stehlik's in Cancun

Rogan opening all his wonderful gifts. THANK U EVERYONE!

Rogan's 1st Snowman

Rogan & his best friend Adam at Sesame Street Live

Rogan's 1st Birthday..loving his cake!

Rogan looking like a big boy!

He thinks biting his spoon is SOOOO funny!

Opps..I just realized how long it has been since I have posted...where to start..Rogan is becoming more and more fun everyday! He has learn "hut, hut, hike" and will get in a headstand/three point stance, sooo cute! He has also learned to blow kisses. He is just such a joy and learning so many new things everyday! We celebrated Rogan's birthday with by going to Sesame Street live, then we had his birthday party the next day with all his family and close friends. A great time. We also made our first snowman! Rogan loved playing in the snow as long as he didn't have to sit in it!

Gabe and I went with our friends Ashley & Tim to Cancun. We had an absolute blast. I missed Rogan like crazy, but it was a nice vacation from responsibility. I forgot what it was like not to wake up at 6am everyday :) They only mishap was the night before we left when a fan blade broke off our fan and flew across the room waking us up....too funny!

More than anything I am trying to be patient while we wait for the arrival of my new niece..Baby Girl Gutz. Hopefully she will help curb my baby fever for a few months! Here are a few pics

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