Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas & New Years

Rogan was soooo excited about his pillow pet...just kept burrowing his head in it!

Rogan also LOVED his doctor set!

Snowed in?? Got Duct tape and 4 newborn diapers? No problem!

Merry Christmas!!

Buresh girls night out!

Our Party Animal...12:56AM!

G-ma & G-pa Fink w/grandkids except Izzie & Gabbie (in Oregon)

Santa came to visit!

Emma (due April 14th) & Me

New Years 12:03am!

The Buresh Clan

Rogan's new hat from uncle Adam

The Family's 1st Christmas

Like father, like son

Party Time-Rogan's 1st Christmas

Hello All! Again...long time since our last post! We have, like everyone, been busy with the Holidays, Snow and oh yeah...the Flu! ugh! Rogan has been all about giving kisses lately....which in turn means..more germs and this time meant the flu for him and momma! We were able to make all of our Christmas obligations despite the second big snow storm in Nebraska in December. We did get stuck at Gabe's parents for a bit and we somehow forgot the diapers at my parents house...due to a few newborn diapers, duct tape and a little ingenuity on my part we were able to get through...see pics! Gabe's brother Adam proposed to his girlfriend Jess!!! YEAH!!! So excited to have a new member of the family!! Gabe's brother Matt brought his girlfriend Laura home and us girls just had a blast together! Rogan's 1st Birthday is soon approaching. It seems so impossible that my baby is almost 1 already! Where has time gone?!? Here are a few of our Holiday pics. The one of Rogan with his New Years hat was taken at 12:56 am..he decided at about 10:30pm that he was not going to miss his 1st New Years party...so he joined right in! Enjoy the pics!

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Nicole said...

Rogan is such a handsome little guy! I cannot believe he was so bright-eyed as he entered the new year! :)