Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Lots of Firsts...

My 1st Steelers Game!

Supporting Mommy's team!

Best Buds!

Rogan has had lots of firsts in the past month! He has taken his first step..which I believe was a complete accident, started standing by himself...also and accident I believe :) He traveled to KC for the first time to play with his cousins, and had his first real bad fever. Rogan was completely under the weather for 9 days. We had to go to the doctor 3 times and after he lost 2 pounds the dr was ready to put him on IV's, thankfully we were able to get a few ounces in him and he had a real turning point so we were able to avoid the hospital and IV's! We have been busy as ever as the holidays always are. Rogan is in copycat mode lately and has become a COMPLETE momma's boy! I am his personl jungle gym, but I know it won't last for long so I am trying to enjoy it. We are just having so much fun enjoying watching Rogan learn and grow everyday. Him and our cat Stormy seem to be the best of friends these days too. They just chase each other around. Soo sweet! I experience my first Steelers game, which was absolutely amazing! Our seats were 7 rows up, but I made friends in the first row and saw the players up close and personal...I was like a kid on Christmas..so exciting! Also I dislocated my shoulder again at the game...after seeing the surgeon it looks like I am facing complete reconstructive surgery after the 1st of the year...oh well :) Hope this finds everyone having a great, happy & SAFE holiday season!

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