Tuesday, October 20, 2009

October Pics

Momma & Rogan after Husker game

Rogan being "nice" to the kitten...giving kisses!

"Dada" and Rogan

Rogan LOVING this new crawling thing!

Will only take his milk from a staw now...silly boy!

Grandma Buresh & Rogan having SO much fun!

What Momma....I'm not doing anything to the cat...hehehe

G-pa Fink & Roe playing

Me and the boys reading Rogan's favorite book. Rogan is ALWAYS petting poor Stormy

Me & Rogan before church

Rogan is all over the place! He is one quick little crawler and the poor cat is his favorite toy! Here are a few pics from the past few weeks! He has spent lots of time with both sides of grandparents too. So much fun! He is learning and changing so much everyday! Rogan is LOVING his sippy cups he discovered straws and will refuse the bottle a lot of te time. He would much prefer his sippy if it is up to him! So Silly...this makes nursing EXTRA challengine! HA! He is developing quite the personality and wants things HIS way or the highway....I wonder where he gets that???

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