Sunday, August 9, 2009


Big Boy sitting up!

Rogan and his cousin Elijah playing

Daddy flying Rogan..WHEEEE!

Rogan's future wife Marley???

Rogan after his 6 month pictures I haven't been the best about updated lately, but life has been....CRAZY to say the least! At the end of July I made a heart wrenching decision to leave Grainger for a new venture. I took an outside sales position with Nebraska Bolt. It is a risky move, but hopefully the right one for our family at the time. Only time will tell :)

Rogan had his 6 month check up. He was a little over 28 3/4" long, (99%) 18.7 lbs (70%) and his head circ is 17 5/8" (80%) His head has certainly grown since his 4 month visit when he was just in the 50% percentile! Rogan has been hanging at home with me for the past three weeks which has been just amazing! Since I took a job with a competitor, Grainger told me they would pay me for my notice, but would not allow me to work because of confidentiality. I was sad at first, then I realized I get 3 weeks with my baby! YEAH!!

We have spent a lot of that time visiting Rogan's friends! We hung out will Jill and baby marley, We also saw baby Presley for the first time since she has been home from Childrens in Omaha! We also went to Jackson Stehliks first birhtday party and Czech days! The kids all had lots of fun together !! ;)

I also redecorated our house....this was going to be a simple project in my head. After several days of sewing, painting and moving furniture, the project is complete and looking great!

I can't really remember what else we have done, but somehow time is flying by us! Rogan is eating more and mre solid food, we have started meat. He is also sitting up quite well these days and is more fun tha never!

Gabe and I are taking our first vacation away from Rogan this week. :( We are going to Vegas for a few days. It will be soooo hard to leave him, but he will be in great hands with the grandparents! It should be a great time. One of the friends we are going with also has a little boy she willbe leaving with grandparents, so we can sulk together :)

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