Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter and stuff...

"Fink Family"

Rogan & Storm "cuddling" (only had my phone camera and I couldn't move becasue Rogan was on not the greatest quality, but so CUTE!)

Great big smile! (bad coloring-took it with my phone!)
The Fink Girls (Karen, Michelle, Sam. & Emma)

Our little Easter bunny! (he will hate me for this picture later in life!)

Buresh Family picture

Ok, so I have been HORRIBLE about updating. I feel like we have hardly anytime to spend as a family since I returned to work, so the moments we are together I cherish as much as possible and stay as far away from the computer as I can :) Since the last post we have taken family pictures with the Fink family! So much fun!! Elijah, our godson has his first birthday at Chuck-E-Cheese, and Gabe and I both completed a 5K. Our weekends have been jam packed! Rogan is doing great and growing like a weed! He is already in his 3-6 months clothes and some of those are looking a little short. He is just so long! I weighed him the other day and the scale had him over 14lbs and over 25 inches long! BIG BOY! We have been so blessed that he has started sleeping through the night! (YEAH!) Until we threw his schedule completely off this weekend. Last night was rough for both Rogan and Momma! He is still sleeping in our room in the bassinet, so that makes getting up much easier. Depending on how the week goes I am hoping to start him sleeping in his room by this coming weekend. It is going to be much harder on me than him I have a feeling :) I will upload some new fun pictures when I get home tonight. Rogan is stating to really interact with us and play! HE loves music, especially country. We try to dance every night
before bedtime! The cat (Stormy) and Rogan have also started to bond a little! I was feeding Roe one night and he feel asleep. Storm decided Rogan's head looked like a pretty good pillow so he went ahead and layed his head right next to his! It was absolutely adorable!

Rogan's first Easter was great! It seems Rogan has Mommies allergies. Durign church when they use the incense we were both sneezing away, so we spent the remainder of church in the cry room, but overall Rogan did great! We celebrated all weekend, on Saturday we celebrated at Great-Grandma & grandpa Kielty's in Norflk and Sunday we celebrated in Crete at G-ma & G-pa Finks. We had an Easter egg hunt, but Rogan decided to sleep right through it! Aunt Emma bought him some bunny ears and he actually wore them without getting crabby for quite a while! Daddy is not happy about them, because they aren't manly, but I thought it was just too adorable not to post!

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Nicole said...

Ella would have been fine in her own room a lot earlier than she actually was, but it was hard for mommy to be "ready." One night I just decided to do it, and of course she was there wasn't a difference in location at all. We have video monitors that have a screen, so that helps me a lot. I wake up a few times during the night (for no reason), and just glance at her, and that puts me right back to sleep. :)